User Experience Assessment
lets you ship with confidence


The right tools

We don’t just have the expertise, we also have the tools. Our User Experience Assessment Labs are available for participatory design groups, ideation sessions, user research, and usability testing. Our labs include state-of-the-art all-digital technology, configurable testing environments with furnishings and cameras, and comfortable observation and staging rooms with hospitality services. Thug can moderate sessions, or help you facilitate on your own.

Come join us at our headquarters in Portland’s NW industrial district, our new facility in Beaverton, or we can bring our mobile lab and team to you. Or if you like, remotely stream live testing sessions via secure login from anywhere in the world.

The right skills

Researching, designing, and delivering a product to market is only the beginning. Thug Design completes the loop with a range of evaluations to chart your product’s perception and ease-of-use. As part of our User Experience Assessment, Thug Design recruits the right test participants for field sessions and interviews, collects qualitative and quantitative data, and measures emotional response.

Through testing the anticipated, the actual, and the remembered experiences – including the emotional factors that matter most – we get data for the entire product reality, so your team can ship with confidence. When we have all the data, we distill the user insights and validate against the design principles to bring your product closer to your customers.