Research and design are at
the heart of everything we do.

Our services

Our services bring together what other agencies can't — great designs based on great insight from real users. From initial research and prototyping of future experiences, to development and video production, everything we create is designed for success before it goes out the door.

  • Market assessment and user research 
  • Product ideation and definition 
  • Future-visioning and prototyping 
  • User-experience testing 
  • Interaction design 
  • Visual design 
  • Development 
  • Marketing and evangelization 
  • design/services_market_assessment

    We specialize in qualitative & quantitative research to shape emerging experiences and business models for consumer electronics and high-tech products. You can know it will be a hit before you ship it.

  • design/services_product_ideation

    Our customers usually come to us when they have a new idea or a new technology ready for a marketable opportunity. We help our customers uncover the hidden meaning of their technology through a mix of primary and secondary research, ideation, and design thinking.

  • design/services_future_visioning

    We’re makers, so one way we create the future is to prototype it. Whether it’s imagined screenshots or a partially working object, we’re constantly modeling the future.

  • design/services_user_experience_testing

    We test the whole experience – including the emotional factors that matter most – with potential customers.

  • design/services_interaction_design

    Thug defines the product's high-level user experience, including navigation and the metaphors that can help customers intuitively understand your product from the start.

  • design/services_visual_design

    A picture may be worth a thousand words, but only if it’s the right message. We create graphics that have a purpose and visually guide users to an effortless experience.

  • design/services_development

    Products don’t stop at design, so neither do we. Because we’ve developed our own products, Thug knows how to work seamlessly with either your developers or our own.

  • design/services_marketing_and_evangelization

    We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest companies to help them deliver their messages about products, brand, innovation, and thought leadership.

  • Our skills

    You might find a few firms with skills in all of our areas – ethnography, visual design, project management, UX testing, interaction design, creative direction, ideation, iconography, filmmaking, storytelling, product strategy, software development, content development, video production, information architecture, business modeling.

    Even then, what you won’t find until you come to us is remarkable overlap in skills between people, which means ideas and execution don’t fall down in the handoff and collaboration between colleagues. Rather than isolated islands of skills, we have a continuous spectrum of talent.