User Experience Assessment


Thug combed through many tools and dozens of end users to develop a robust methodology for assessing the bigger picture of user experience. It’s not only about ease of use. We start from the anticipated experience triggered by word of mouth or marketing, on to actual interaction with the product, and continuing through the remembered experience days later. The emotions we capture and measure determine future behavior: Will customers spread the word for you? Will they keep coming back? We can answer those questions.

Two Wheel Telematics


This project combined two Thug Design passions: uncovering emotions and motivation about technology, and motorcycles. We conducted ethnographic interviews with motorcycle owners and enthusiasts of a variety of riding styles including touring, racing, sport, and plain old commuting. We learned what kinds of information are most important to them in the many different riding situations they encounter. We learned what they love and what they hate. Our research uncovered product opportunities and informed a series of ideation sessions for telematics and wearables.

Experience Simulation


Thug constructed a unique multi-monitor experience to test consumer reactions to bold new concepts for large-scale displays and digital wallpaper. We used our mockups with still photos and video artifacts to emulate next-generation UI experiences and test ambience, motion-sensing and other gestural UIs, and different types of information display.



Thug worked with OTTO DesignWorks on their innovative OTTO Tuning System, which uses an intelligent iPhone app to precisely tune a bicycle’s rear derailleur in just minutes. The phone’s camera detects physical settings and on-screen and audio cues guide the tuner. We conducted field research with cyclists about their tuning habits, helped hone the overall experience to be as simple as possible, and designed the iPhone application.

Caller Dashboard


Caller Dashboard works with your phone’s contacts to make sure information you need is at your fingertips when the phone rings. We researched consumer needs, created the concept, designed the experience, and built the software. It breaks down silos of information about your contacts from documents, emails, notes, files, news, and LinkedIn. When a contact calls, it’s all immediately and automatically brought to your desktop.

Wessar Sight-Reading App


Based on a concept from a leading British music educator, Thug designed and developed software for Wessar’s SightRead4Piano. This iPad app is an innovative tool for music teachers and students to study and practice sight-reading. Based on Wessar’s proven educational methodology, SightRead4Piano’s clear and intuitive UI lets users choose examination boards, browse music choices, and test themselves. SightRead4Piano is a top-selling music app on iTunes UK.



Based on our consumer research, we designed and built Momento™. You and your friends can capture an event from different perspectives with your photos automatically shared and synced live across your group, as you take them. Momento Plus™ brings the event experience to your desktop, where photos are wirelessly synced, automatically corrected and curated into albums, ready to share.

New Technology Evangelization


Thug was asked to create a video for the GDC, the largest game-only event in the world. We brought the world of animation and gaming together to show off Intel’s new proximity-based technology called Common Connectivity Framework, or CCF. CCF lets people near each other connect, without the Internet, and we created a story to show how gamers can leverage that technology to create their own personal, social, and gaming environments.

Yakima Product Visualization


3D product visualization helps bridge the gap between engineering and marketing – last-minute changes to manufacturing or materials and finish don’t mean another photo session. Thug created top-shelf CG based on engineering specs, and used these 3D assets for digital and packaging.